DEM COPERTURE SRL is a company operating with great professionalism and competence in the field of civilian and industrial impermeabilisation and coverings in general.
The company’s staff are highly professional in the sector thanks to the experience accrued in over twenty-five years of activity.

With the passing of years, the company has proved to adjust to the market novelties as well as to constantly improve the quality and variety of services it offers by using the products of leading companies in the field to best comply with its customers’ needs.

DEM COPERTURE can fulfil the most different civilian and industrial requirements and carry out small-, medium- and large-size works by using specialised personnel as well as adequate equipment and machinery, including a truck and full trailer with crane for lifting materials at operating height, a platform for safe works, rolling towers and fall protection nets.

  1. Impermeabilisation works carried out with bituminous and elastomeric blankets, self-protected by slate scales, copper and aluminium, PVC, TPO.
  2. Heat and sound insulation with different types of material: rigid and shaped made-to-measure panels made of polyurethane, polystyrene and mineral fibres.
  3. Supply and installation of stainless steel, copper, aluminium and sheet metal plates, pre-painted in various COLOURS, made in our workshop by means of special machines (cutting, pressing and bending line).
  4. Realisation of coverings by means of various materials, including sandwich panels, fretted sheet metal and aluminium plates, skylights made of cellular polycarbonate and plastic reinforced by fibre glass. Everything may be realised in a straight or curved form.
  5. Supply and installation of windows with bearing sheds, certified (MADE BY US) with the possibility of inserting parts that can be opened with electric devices and smoke-heat dischargers (EFC)
  6. Works carried out on safe conditions by using temporary or definitive certified securlife, electrowelded fall protection iron nets made by us and/or ladders for access to coverings.
  7. Seismic adaptation
  8. Re-sale of materials.
  9. Removal and disposal of asbestos coverings (ETERNIT).

However, believing that facts are more important than words, DEM COPERTURE kindly requires you to visit other site sections where you will be able to get an idea of the various types of works made and results achieved.